Not for seniors Promotion

December 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Good day. This time of year things are a bit slower, most weddings are over, Christmas is upon us, so that gives me time to think.  Sometimes we make a big mistake and focus on getting ready for senior portraits and forget the younger people . They have their photos taken too. So we came up with a Not for Senior promotion. This is open to anyone for the ages of Newborn to Sophomores in High School. If you own a preschool or daycare you can offer this package. We will come to your house or business , we do not have a studio. Or you can wait and have them done in the Spring or summer. So here are the HOT prices .  We will offer 3 print packages and 1 CD package. The other neat thing you can use them for multiple people in a shoot . This is a maximum 45 minute shoot and also limited travel distances.  So here we go 


Package 1                                          Package 2                                    Package 3                                           Package 4 

You get .                                            You get.                                       You get                                                  You get.   

16 - Wallets                                      16- Wallets                                 24 - Wallets                                           a  CD  

4  -  5 x 7's                                        6 -5 x 7's                                       6 - 4 x 6's                                             photo 

2 -  8 X 10's                                      2 -8 X 10's                                    8 - 5 x 7's                                              release  

$25.99                                               1- 11 x 14                                     4-  8 x 10's                                           $35.00  

Plus Tax                                             $35.99                                          $45.99                                                  Plus Tax 

                                               Plus Tax                                        Plus Tax   





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